Kankakee County Teen Court



Teen Court is an alternative to a traditional juvenile court.  Proceedings are for first time non-violent offenders.  This program is based on the premise that young people respond positively to the influences of their peers.


Teen Court offers juveniles the option of participating in a diversion program that uses peer pressure and early intervention as its main tools in preventing recidivism.  As an alternative to traditional Court programs, Teen Court will successfully hold youth accountable and educate them on the impact their actions have on others and themselves


Successful completion of Teen Court requirements within the specified time results in a clear record.  Also, the youth becomes acquainted with the judicial system and experiences the satisfaction of contributing to the community.


Teen Court referrals are made by the local police agencies after reviewing the police and probation reports, and the defendant's request and an agreement to take part in Teen Court proceedings.  Each defendant appears in court with his/her parents and admits involvement with the charge.  The bailiff introduces the defendant to the jurors and informs the jury of the charge.  After the prosecutor and the defense attorney each present their cases, the juvenile and parents are given a chance to speak.  The jury then deliberates and recommends a sentence.  The sentence is read and the juvenile and parents are given a  copy of the sentence.  The juvenile then has 90 days within which to complete the sentence.  Failure to complete the sentence results in the case being sent back to the arresting police department and the Kankakee County States Attorney's office.

Successful completion of Teen Court requirements within the specified time results in dismissal of the case and no juvenile court record.




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